Levain or Preferment

Levain or natural yeast is a wild culture used in place of commercial yeast for fermenting breads. Our Levain or popularly known sourdough breads are made with 100% natural cultures, flour, salt and water. That’s it.

It’s tangy, tasty and full of flavour and nutrition.

Another exercise in patience, our preferment is a batter like dough (poolish) that requires a fermentation process of 8 hours to overnight in order to coax a lactic flavor with a crisp crust and moist, open crumb.

Methode En Direct

Although the most common method, these breads are anything but ordinary. The process

begins with a stiff dough, left to rest and rise at room temperature for 3 to 4 hours. At this point,

it’s ready to be crafted into our softer bread products