With bread being such an integral part of diet, why should we have to choose between, eating crappy bread, or no bread at all.

About Us

Miche Artisan Bakery is a niche bakery servicing Delhi/NCR.

We promote community and encourage daily deliveries to ensure the freshest products to our consumers.

With bread being such an integral part of diet, why should we have to choose between, eating crappy bread, or no bread at all.

Because, store bought is most certainly bad.

There are not many artisan bakers around to deliver hand made fresh bread that truly tasty and healthy.

That’s what Miche aims to change.


Mayank Gupta

I recently left my regular work for doing something I love. In the time leading upto this risky transition, before I knew what that would be, I yearned for a craft and wanted to make a living doing something I could truly call my own. After a long time and a series of evolving ideas, I ended up with a perhaps naïve plan to open a bakery somewhere. My hope was to recreate the style and quality of best breads and other specialties found at boulangeries all over France. The aromas, the tactile nature of the work and the way the finished products look takes me to a faraway place that is still present and to have that be the way I spend my days continues to thrill me. Continue reading “People”


Levain or Preferment

Levain or natural yeast is a wild culture used in place of commercial yeast for fermenting breads. Our Levain or popularly known sourdough breads are made with 100% natural cultures, flour, salt and water. That’s it.

It’s tangy, tasty and full of flavour and nutrition.

Another exercise in patience, our preferment is a batter like dough (poolish) that requires a fermentation process of 8 hours to overnight in order to coax a lactic flavor with a crisp crust and moist, open crumb.

Methode En Direct

Although the most common method, these breads are anything but ordinary. The process

begins with a stiff dough, left to rest and rise at room temperature for 3 to 4 hours. At this point,

it’s ready to be crafted into our softer bread products


How to Order

All our products are made to order. Why stock, when it can be fresh!

Even though we bake daily, the breads have a preparation time of at least 24 hours because of the long and slow fermentation process we use to enhance the flavour and enrich the quality of the wheat.

You can order easily by sending us a text, whatsapp or calling us on this number:

+ 91 72918 58235

or if you’re not too keen on interactions over the phone, just drop us an email at:


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